...to the Website for the Royal Navy Veterans Motor Cycle Club. All Members are proud to have served their Sovereign and their Country and indeed, some members are still serving today.

Our Club colour has been specifically designed and all parts have specific significance. Firstly the Fouled Anchor, this has been the seal of the Royal Navy since the famed Lord Howard of Effingham was the Lord High Admiral in 1554-1558 & 1585-1619. When he handed over the office of LHA his seal was retained for use and has been used ever since - the Fouled Anchor also appears on the uniform of every Rank or Rating of the RN, RNR, WRNS and QARNNS. It also appears on the Corps Flag of the RM and RMR. Unlike the LHA's seal, our Anchor is fouled with a motorcycle chain to signify our love of two and three wheels. The hessian rope is unbroken and binds us together in a tight brother & sisterhood which ensures the friendship of family and Esprit de Corps, it is poppy red to remind us of absent friends that have already 'crossed the bar'.

Our Club motto is "Laudator Temporis Acti" which means "One Who Praises Past Times" – this was also the motto for HMS Veteran. This recognises the long and proud heritage of the Royal Navy and its unique status of being THE NATION'S FINEST.

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